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Agility is a fun and fast paced sport. Dogs and handlers work as a team navigating obstacles such as weave poles, jumps, the A-frame, teeter-totter, pause table, dogwalk, tunnels, chutes, and tire jump. Teams are timed and must complete the course within a prescribed time limit. Many pugs love agility, but before starting agility, make sure your pug is healthy enough for it (not overweight, structurally sound, etc.). There are several great venues to play in and Pugs are lucky to be eligible for the Tea Cup agility class where everything in the "big" dog ring is smaller for our little guys. Agility is genearlly divided into two categories: Standard and Jumpers and the subcategories of Preferred Standard and Preferred Jumpers. Some trials offer special classes for both senior and junior handlers, as well as most offer preferred jump heights for certain breeds (these dogs jump at lower heights) and veteran (senior) dog classes. Some other special classes are FAST, Gamblers, Snooker, Teams, and Relays. To earn a title, teams must earn three qualifying scores at each level, the exception would be the Master levels (MACH, PACH, TACH, and Excellent levels). Other agility venues may have different title designations (e.g., Tea Cup Superior Standard title - TSAD). Click on the AKC agility titles link to learn more about titles that can be earned.

Click here to see the current PDCA Agility Rankings.

Agility Titles

NA (Novice Agility) NAJ (Novice Agility Jumper) NAP (Novice Agility Preferred) NJP (Novice Jumper Preferred) MACH (Master Agility Champion)
OA (Open Agility) OAJ (Open Agility Jumper) OAP (Open Agility Preferred) OJP (Open Jumper Preferred) NAC (National Agility Champion)
AX (Agility Excellent) AXJ (Excellent Agility Jumper) AJP (Excellent Jumper Preferred) AJP (Excellent Jumper Preferred) PACH (Preferred Master Agility Champion)
MX (Master Agility Excellent) MXJ (Master Excellent Jumper with Weaves) MXP (Master Excellent Preferred) MJP (Master Excellent Jumper Preferred) PNAC (Preferred National Agility Champion)

*All jumps in the Preferred Class are set four inches lower and additional time is allowed for each run.

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