• Pugs come in two coat colors: Fawn and Black.<br>Breeder: Tamara Lucas of NW Pugs
  • Some pugs enjoy swimming, but remember their life jacket.
  • Pugs get along with other animals.
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The pug is an ancient breed. It is one of the oldest dog breeds dating back to pre-400 B.C. Pugs were recognized by the AKC in 1885 and are members of the Toy Breed group. They are smart dogs that excel at many activities. Pugs are known for being friendly, even tempered, and comical. Most people who have owned a pug will tell you how funny they can be, especially when they get a bad case of the "Pug zoomies." They are a sweet breed that get along nicely with other animals and children. The two recognized breed coats are fawn and black. Pugs do well in small and larger living spaces. Some pugs handle heat, but many do not, so keeping your pug cool during hotter periods of the year is a must.

Although pugs are a hearty breed with few genetic issues, one does need to be careful with their eyes, especially around children and cats. Pugs are susceptible to a deadly disease known as Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE), which is a brain disorder, and almost always results in death shortly after diagnosis. It is paramount that anyone interested in getting a pug do their research. Reputable breeders not only know their own lines very well, but are up to date on the latest issues surrounding the breed, as well as being active in either regional pug breed clubs or the national pug club. To learn more about pugs, please visit the Pug Dog Club of America or the AKC Pug breed websites. Better yet, come to one of our pug club meetings or events to learn more about this wonderful breed.